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Shopify Web Designers With Engagement in Mind

We believe that the design of a website is the most important factor when converting visitors into customers. As an experienced ecommerce agency, we've worked with businesses of all sizes to design and develop Shopify & Shopify Plus Websites. This page explains our approach to web design. Our team of Shopify web designers work hard to incorporate your brand identity, products, and goals at the very heart of the visuals we create.
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We are Shopify Web Design Industry Experts

Amongst a continually growing and over-crowded ecommerce space, it has never been more important to capture the imagination of your website visitors through outstanding Shopify web design. Our Shopify web designers push the boundaries of creativity to produce both immersive and strategic ecommerce websites that are focused on improving brand memorability and maximizing sales. Prior to any Shopify web design process, we immerse ourselves in your brand identity and creativity assets to gain a thorough understanding of you and your competitors. Amongst strategic wire-framing and outstanding visual graphic design, our Shopify web designers create user journeys and ecommerce websites to really stand out from the competition. Our Shopify web designers push the boundaries to make your website stand out from the competition.
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Our Shopify Web Design Services

Shopify offers a library of pre-built websites themes to choose from, however, they can often feel third-party, limiting web design and functionality. We build bespoke Shopify websites from scratch, not using a pre-built theme, meaning we can push the boundaries of Shopify web design and deliver bespoke ecommerce experiences. Our in-house Shopify Web Designers create custom solutions with bespoke, unique, and engaging aesthetics.

Bespoke Shopify Web Design

Design has never been more important to differentiate your ecommerce business from the competition, Our Shopify web designers help capture the imagination of your visitors to keep them coming back. Our Shopify web designers' approach to ecommerce is focused on visuals but also on clear journeys to payment/conversion pages - minimizing the number of clicks to checkout. Our Shopify web design services go far beyond great visuals, we incorporate user-friendly sitemaps to deliver key marketing messages, products, and promotions. So your customers are immersed in an entirely branded experience.
Shopify Web Design Wireframing
Before our in-house team of Shopify web designers delve into the depths of their immersive and vibrant craft, they plan out every page of a website's sitemap creating wireframes. This allows our team to ensure we are drip-feeding diverse and engaging content throughout every page, prompting visitors to explore more and of course purchase. Web design wireframing allows our Shopify web designers to lay the foundations prior to creating the very best designs for your customers.
User Journeys Designed to Convert
We view Shopify web design as a journey for a user to explore through a variety of pages to receive your brand's story & current marketing campaigns. Through our experience in building ecommerce websites, we've developed strategies that work. We consider user interaction at every level of a page to maximize engagement. In addition, we delve into long-term analysis of your visitor's behavior to identify weak points to provide insight to optimize and develop for the future.
Immersive Branded Experience
Your brand is your identity and it's important to immerse your customers in your website at every level. As an ecommerce agency, we believe every element of a user interface is an opportunity to deliver brand identity. From the shape of your call-to-action buttons to the positioning of your products, our team of Shopify web designers shapes every ecommerce website with the brand's guidelines, visuals, and soul at the very heart.

Designing Advanced Technology

We understand every business is different and each has it's own requirements from an ecommerce website. Our Shopify web designers work with our brands to integrate the most advanced technology and features whilst not losing the power of a great user journey and branded experiences. As an ecommerce agency, we don't allow functionality to get in the way or limit the power of design our Shopify web designers and Shopify developers work together to create well-planned ecommerce websites.
Designing With Knowledge
Before we begin any Shopify web design project, we conduct in-depth and insightful discovery and research to truly under your business. Not only do we delve into your personal designs tastes, but we also consider your main competitors from a Shopify web designer standpoint. Within our discovery phase, our mission is to truly understand your business goals whilst being surrounded by information from your market. We also conduct a full website audit of your previous website to understand what works and what doesn't.
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Shopify design that incorporates the best technology
Shopify houses the broadest technology eco-system with its app store - giving merchants access to thousands of applications with additional features. We’ve tried and tested the best software from the best technical teams to deliver features in the most cost-efficient and feature-rich way. Our Shopify web designers work with you to find the very best tech to support your needs.
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Are you an enterprise brand looking for Shopify Plus?
As an ecommerce agency work, we work with brands of all sizes. If you are looking for an enterprise ecommerce solution then Shopify Plus might be the best option for your business. We offer Shopify Plus web design and development services and consult on the best technical setup for you.
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Most frequently asked questions to our Shopify Web designers

Since Shopify web design is a creative process, it varies quite a lot based on the project requirements and brand personality. Naturally, clients may have questions about this intricate and dynamic process. We’ve consolidated frequently asked questions that our Shopify web designers receive to help solidify our clients understanding of what our Shopify web designers do, the process they carry out, and how hiring a Shopify web designer from Charle can help benefit your ecommerce business.

What do our Shopify web designers do?

The sky is the limit, whether it’s a few custom tweaks to your store, or a complete redesign or rebrand, our Shopify web designers are happy to work with you to your guidelines and requirements. Our team can create unique themes that capture a brand’s essence, or give your store a facelift to immerse your customers' browsing experience. Our Shopify Shopify web designers can help make your online store stand out from the competition and create a powerhouse for online sales.
Can our Shopify web designers make bespoke or custom themes?
Absolutely. Our Shopify web designers don't use pre-built themes for our bespoke websites and instead design each page from scratch. Although our Shopify developers can work with you to tweak existing themes, custom and bespoke themes allow us to design every page of your website without being limited to what has already been pre-built on Shopify. Our Shopify web designers can use custom themes to push the boundaries of visuals and immerse your customers in an entirely bespoke, branded and unique ecommerce experience.
Can improving your Shopify website’s design improve your store’s KPI?
Yes, quite significantly. Having a well-designed Shopify store can help grab and maintain the attention of users, improving metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, average session duration, customer satisfaction and many more. This can have a snowball effect on other important metrics such as the SEO positioning of your website, leading to higher volume of traffic and sales. If you have a particular KPI you want to improve, let us know and our specialized Shopify web designers can craft.
How long do our Shopify web designs typically take?
Since ecommerce stores come in all shapes and sizes, and their brand’s personalities vary greatly between each business, it’s natural for delivery times to vary. Our Shopify development team strives to complete your Shopify project efficiently and to the best industry standard. If you'd like to be given a more specific timeframe, please contact us and we'll be able to discuss turnaround times depending on the size and nature of your ecommerce plans.

Do we have any examples of previous Shopify web design work?

Of course, we've got an entire portfolio of bespoke Shopify themes that we've created for ambitious ecommerce brands across all industries which can be found here. At Charle, we pride ourselves in the creative process that we carry out to build truly unique and bespoke Shopify themes for our clients. Our team of Shopify web designers take great care with every project we work with
Designing With Knowledge
Yes, our Shopify web designers work closely with Charle’s Shopify developer team which specialize in frontend & backend development to help deliver a customised shopping experience for customers. Our team of Shopify web designers liaise with our developers at every stage of the creative process to ensure seamless integration of advanced apps and APIs into your store. Learn more about what our Shopify developers do here.
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