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Email Marketing Agency for Ecommerce
One strategy, delivering email marketing, SMS campaigns, loyalty & subscriptions to maximize customer lifetime value.
Charle Retain delivers one strategic retention plan leveraging the knowledge & power of email marketing campaigns, SMS, loyalty & subscription strategies to maximize the lifetime value of your customers. We formulate a bespoke approach around your business to increase the value one customer brings and in-turn increase the ROI of your customer aquitition costs deliver.

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Email Marketing Agency for Ecommerce
40x return on investment from email marketing.*

Charle Retain is a service that leverages dedicated strategies with the power of email, SMS & loyalty-driven technology to maximize the value of each customer and improve customer retention.

Our retention-focused content marketing service focuses on email marketing at the core to deliver strategies that communicate with the right customers at the right time. Our strategies leverage email marketing at their core to engage more customers from their first interaction with your store. We'll segment customers into tailored groups to send them exactly the right type of communication & information delivery for their buying journey all powered by intelligent marketing automation email flows. Following this, we can leverage upto 94% open rates that SMS has to offer. Our email marketing services are designed to re-engage your customer base and maximize customer retention for our clients.

Charle Retain adopts a holistic approach tailored around your business to leverage email marketing, SMS, loyalty, subscription and more. We'll segment customers within loyalty schemes or potential / existing subscribers too to understand where potential commercial opportunities lay to keep customers coming back to your ecommerce store. Our goal is to maximize the life-time-value a customer brings to your business maximize the ROI your receive from these channels. If a customer your aquired spends more over time from the original cost of acquition from channels such as PPC, search or social media then you'll receive a better ROI making aquisition sustainable for your companies.
*Result may vary, statistics from Oberlo's email marketing companies & industries averages.
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Email Marketing Agency USA

Segment customers to deliver personalized email experiences.
Leverage powerful connections between your businesses ecommerce platform and your email marketing provider to sync data about your customers in real time. The real-time feed of customers allows us to segment your customers based on their behaviour, meaning they'll receive tailored communication from your brand at the exact moment their purchase-behaviour changes online. We'll segment by location, tendency to use discounts, products viewed, purchase history, email engagement and even predictive analytics leverage cutting-edge technology. Our retention-driven strategies apply the same powerful data-driven approach to SMS marketing too. Whether your targetting customers in Australia, Usa, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, Chicago or anywhere across the world - we'll tailor a strategy for the end recipient.

Segmenting an audience expands far beyond onsite behaviour but also considers actions within the entire technical stack of your online store. For example, we'll segment customers by specific features including - online loyalty plans, subscribers or previous subscribers, reviews engagement, logistic notification triggers, characteristics about individuals or recent quiz completion. Our initial discovery explores market research, your brands ethos and goals to suggest to best segmentation strategy.

Build an online-experience that allows you to understand your customers account and speak to them in a way that engages and improves their experience of your brand. We are email marketing experts ready to transform your brand.
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Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency

Using the power of automation to maximize untapped revenue.
Automation within an email, sms and retention strategies are part of the most powerful tools & software that we leverage within Charle Retain. Automation flows within email or SMS marketing allow us to automatically enrol consented customers into an automatic flow of communication providing they enter a new segmented group. For example, when a customer joins your newsletter letter email list, we'll share a sequence of emails tailored around welcoming them to your community or leveraging automation to re-target customers who have left items in their cart. We dive into the detail to communicate with customers on auto-pilot criteria, without leaving revenue on the table.

Examples of automatic communication flows are endless and we'll consider your entire on-site tech stack when managing automation, for example, automatically welcome new loyalty scheme joiners, or trigger a flow of emails to re-engage existing subscribers at the most likely moment they'll churn from your subscriptions. Klaviyo customers earned $14.8B from automation between January - November 2022. Charle Retain leverages automatic communication within the heart of our strategy. We a test our strategies continually with the power of split A/B testing and performance number tracking to maximize conversions on your websites. We'll also optimize pop-ups and forms to maximize sign-ups too.

We leverage the best automation to target specific on-site KPIs and goals beyond customer lifetime value too; such as using abandonment cart emails to maximize conversion rates, or sharing related products to boost average order value. We leverage a variety of tools to dynamically share the most relevant products to your customers. Charle Retain is powered by automation, data and prediction. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can take your retention email marketing strategy to the next level. It's never been more important to consider retention in your digital marketing strategy, choose Charle Retain to adopt some of the very best ideas for your brand and keep prospects coming back.
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Email Marketing Design Services

Engaging customers with the power of email design.
Creative excellence and engagement-focussed design underpins everything we do at Charle and one of agencies core values that's something that allows us to stand out, from our ecommerce store builds to our retention services. Charle Retain email marketing strategies understand the power of beautiful, on-brand and KPI-driven UI/UX / graphic design and deliver this within our email marketing and SMS strategies. Content creation builds the foundaations of Charle Retain's strategy.

First and foremost, we design communication assets that adopt a consistent creative experience of your branding, logo & more - so that when your customer receives our email campaigns in their inbox, it's an extension of your store. However, we craft UI and a user experience that engage customers and prompt them to act on what they see, with dynamic product placement, clear CTAs and a trusted experience. We also include bespoke and tailored copywriting with performance at core. Our process driven approach to design and copy delivers a content marketing calendar all year round.

Take your communications to the next level with designs that capture your customer's eye, grab their attention and keep them coming back. Whether your customer saw your social media marketing ads, tiktok advertising or saw you on Google keep them coming back with Charle Retain. We're one of the leading email marketing agencies ready to transform your retention strategy on a continual pursuit to find new ways to engage more customers and deliver insightful and specific performance marketing messages. No matter your industry, we'll apply our expertise and hand to producing an outdesign creative direction for your email communication with analysis around personas, your customer funnel, brand voice, and customer interactions within your email strategy.
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SMS marketing agency

SMS Marketing

94% Open Rates - Leverage SMS marketing for e-commerce growth & retention.
Imagine a way to communicate with your customers that can receive up to 94% open rates and 5.5x as many clicks as email marketing - welcome to SMS marketing. Did you know, 1 in 3 consumers prefer SMS over emails from their favourite brands? Give your customers the choice, and offer SMS as a marketing option.

Charle Retain expertise & skills leads with SMS marketing services as a strategy to keep customers coming back to your store far beyond logistic messaging. Our SMS campaigns segment customers based on their buying journey to communicate with them at exactly the right moment. For example offer tap-to-subscribe welcome offers, new product announcements, or time-sensitive sales. Our campaigns even allow you to embed support directly within your marketing strategy so customers can reply with ease. We experiment with split a/b testing throughout a range of ideas to find the highest performance and results-driven approach for the needs of your brand. Our campaigns are sensitive to your consented target audience, opt-out and focus on improving your customer's experience. Get in touch today for a free SMS consultation and to talk about SMS marketing for your company whatever your expectations to deliver the best SMS experience to your audiences.
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Loyalty & Subscription Retention Strategies

Leveraging loyalty, subscription and on-site features to maximize customer retention.
Charle Retain goes far beyond email and SMS marketing and offers a holistic approach to retaining customers. Bridging the gap between on-site features with customer communication can maximize engagement. Our retention services offer integrations with your existing subscription or loyalty offering to target unique customers with the right content at the right time. Whether subscription is the core of your business or not, we consider how subscription can maximize recurring revenue for your business. By considering your wider tech stack in our retention strategy, we'll segment and communicate with the right customers at exactly the right time. Additionally, if you are looking to design and develop brand-new onsite features, then our dedicated design & web development retainer known as Charle Memberships are the perfect match alongside Charle Retain. Are you ready to take your ecommerce strategy to the next level with email, SMS & loyalty driven lead generation? We are a people - first ecommerce agency with a passion for helping brands grow, get in touch today and see our case studies.
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