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The Brief
Islands Chocolate is an award-winning artisan chocolate company with a strong mission and ethos. The brand grows cocoa on their own farms on the island of St Vincent, Caribbean, looking after the entire process from the source to the finished product. Since Islands Chocolate’s focuses its production on traceability and sustainability, the brand wanted a Shopify website that told a story of ethical chocolate throughout the supply chain. Islands Chocolate required a brand new look for their website, built from the ground up. After a full audit of the brand and its strategy, Islands Chocolate set out a range of KPI requirements that Charle held centric in the process of designing and developing their Shopify store.

Food & Drink

Shopify Design & Development

Bespoke Shopify design & development
On-site animations
Performance optimization

Bespoke Shopify Theme Design with On-site Animations
When designing a Shopify store, it’s important to craft a unique experience that is memorable to the customer. We wanted to truly make the Islands Chocolate store stand out from the crowd with features that other chocolate-based websites are lacking. Considering this, our Shopify web design team curated seamless animations throughout the website, with a plethora of powerful variations to make the customer journey feel more interactive. In addition to this, we designed the sitemap in a way that every section of the website showcases a unique point about Islands Chocolate, such as where they originated, how they produce their chocolate or their environmental impact on the world. This adds depth to the user journey and creates a more unique experience for customers.

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Shopify Development and Performance Optimization
After carefully carrying out the design phase of Islands Chocolate’s Shopify store, our Shopify development team then got to work building the website using the best development practices so that it is optimized for performance and speed. We wanted to balance the benefits of having sophisticated animations and images, while also containing a good site speed score, without compromising any features. To do this, extensive research was carried out into implementing techniques to ensure that Islands Chocolate’s site loaded quickly while maintaining its intricate look and feel. Performance optimization practices are paramount in ensuring bounce rates are kept low so that users stay browsing the pages throughout the website long enough to convert them into customers. On top of this, optimizing site loading speed is crucial to strengthen the SEO positioning of Islands Chocolate’s website, meaning that more traffic is driven towards their online store.

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