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Shopify Pricing - How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify and Shopify Plus is one of the worlds most popular ecommerce platforms but how much does Shopify cost in 2020? Here is our utlimate guide to Shopify pricing to help you to choose a package that is best for you and your business. Not only have we explored Shopify pricing, but delved into the features of Shopify, when to upgrade your Shopify plan and finally some FAQs. Let's get stuck into the Shopify pricing structure.
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7 Aug 2020  |  7 Minute Read

Thinking Of Upgrading Or Choosing Shopify? How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify is a complete ecommerce platform that allows businesses to sell online with outstanding order / customer management and features that keep your customers coming back. Shopify merchants have access to thousands of trusted third party apps from the Shopify app store - the capabilities of Shopify are continually developing by a network of expert technology partners. We, here at Charle Agency, believe Shopify and Shopify Plus are the most powerful ecommerce platforms to scale startups all the way global enterprises. Shopify's pricing has tiers available to all businesses no matter your size. Looking to learn more about Shopify's features? Click here to learn why you should choose Shopify or Shopify Plus. Shopify pricing is affordable and tailored to each stage of your business..

How much does Shopify Cost? What are the different Shopify pricing plans?

Shopify pricing works on a tier system to deliver an increased level of features for your online store. There are 5 Shopify pricing plans available, however majority of merchants will require one of the 3 main Shopify pricing tiers. The 5 Shopify pricing tiers include Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify, Shopify Advanced and finally Shopify Plus. In this guide, how much does Shopify cost and Shopify pricing, we'll cover the features of each pricing tier. Firstly, it's worth noting Shopify offer 14 days free on their platform prior to having to choose a Shopify plan. Here's our break down of each plan and the answers on how much Shopify really does cost.

Shopify Lite
Subscription Fee - $9 per month

Basic Shopify
Subscription Fee - $29 per month
Online Credit Card Rate - 2.2% + 20p
In Person Credit Card Rate - 1.7%
Third Party Payment Provider Fee - 2%

Subscription Fee - $79 per month
Online Credit Card Rate - 1.9% + 20p
In Person Credit Card Rate - 1.6%
Third Party Payment Provider Fee - 1%

Shopify Advanced
Subscription Fee - $299 per month
Online Credit Card Rate - 1.6% + 20p
In Person Credit Card Rate - 1.5%
Third Party Payment Provider Fee - 0.5%

Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus pricing is based on current revenues however most fall into the following category. Subscription Fee - Approx $2,000 per month
Online Credit Card Rate - Approx 1.6% + 20p
In Person Credit Card Rate - Approx 1.5%
Third Party Payment Provider Fee - Approx 0.5%

Other Shopify costs to consider include design, developer or agency fees, app fees, software fees & annual domain fees.

What's included in Shopify pricing plans?

Amongst the Shopify pricing plans is a variety of features ranging from key functionality for small stores all the way to global enterprise busnesses. Here is our round up of what you get within each Shopify plan based on the specific pricing.

Shopify Lite
Shopify Lite is the lowest tier that Shopify offers. It is for small businesses who wish to add Shopify checkout capabilities to the social channels and blogs. Within this package you can use embed code 'Buy Buttons" and link Facebook Messenger to begin selling online. The idea of this package is to allow brands to sell through other channels rather than having their own online store.'
$9 per month.

Shopify Basic
This is the lowest tier option to open your very own online store on the Shopify platform. This plan includes all the basics you might need to get selling online. You'll have your own store, hosting, SSL certificate and major requirements for your customers to ensure your store is secure and reliable online. From discounts, products, collections, basic reports plus some awesome features such as abandoned cart emails. Shopify basic and above all include 24/7 support from the Shopify help team so you are never alone.
$29 per month | 2.2% + 20p for Shopify payments.

"Shopify" is the middle tier of the three major plans on the platform. You of course get everything that comes with a basic plan to manage your store however the increased investment does offer professional reporting tools to allow you dig deep into the data and produce additional reports such as sales, retail sales & customer reports. For a growing business these tools are vital to stay ahead of competition. You can also have 3 additional (total 5) staff accounts and up to 5 locations of inventory management.
$79 per month | 1.9% + 20p for Shopify payments.

Shopify Advanced
The advanced Shopify plan is for when you are looking to scale up your business and it certainly doesn't disappoint as you grow. The main difference is, you can have up to 15 team members as staff on your Shopify account and also up to 8 locations for inventory. You also have access to advanced reporting. Again, this is for stores that sell a lot of products, and want to generate data for specific collections or types of products. With this plan you do benefit from lower rates for credit cards too. The final feature that is unique to Shopify Advanced is third party shipping rates - if you have your own account with a shipping carrier, then you can display your negotiated shipping rates from that carrier to customers at checkout.
$299 per month | 1.6% + 20p for Shopify payments.

Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus is the enterprise solution for brands exceeding revenue of $1million. Although the platform is not decided by revenue, it does come with a hefty price tag - so isn't right for every business. Shopify Plus comes with a dashboard that is built for large teams so you can effectively manage the store collaboratively. One of the most popular features of Shopify Plus is it's ability to have up to 9 additional stores alongside the main store - great if you need to create different stores in different countries whilst running the business from one dashboard. If you sell B2B then you can also utilize the Wholesale Channel to allow your retailers to login with altered tiered prices, order quantity thresholds and unique visibility per customer. Finally, Shopify Plus boasts the ability to automate almost any task to make your team more efficient - you can even schedule changes to the store such as sales and new website launches. Last but not least, Shopify plus includes access to an increased API (back end technology) and also the code for the checkout page. Shopify Plus is the ultimate solution for a large, high growth businesses. Click here to learn more about Shopify Plus.
$2,000 per month

Other Shopify Pricing Considerations.

When should you upgrade your Shopify plan?
If you are just getting started with your business then we recommend the Shopify Basic plan and progress on a feature requirement basis. If you feel you need advanced reports, by all means upgrade etc. We always suggest only upgrading with the growth and scale of your business, for example only spend more money if it will make a big difference to your business and your customers. If you are currently using a different store, definitely consider switching to Shopify - it's cheaper than legacy software and jam packed with powerful features.

Which Shopify plan should I choose?
First and foremost, we recommend to consider the features you need first and then compare what each package includes. You can see a Shopify pricing comparison table here. Another indicator to help making your decision can be on your current revenue. Less than $5,000 per month then stick to Shopify Basis, under $10,000 per month for 'Shopify' and over 10K for Shopify advanced. If your revenue is over 750K - $1million per year - Shopify plus is a great option for you.

Which payment gateway should I use?
Shopify payments is the most effective option for Shopify store owners. If you choose an alternative payment provider you will be subject to the gatway's fees plus Shopify's additional third-party payment provider fee too. Shopify payment fees range from 1.6% - 2% depending on your plan. Now to put into perspective Shopify's very low fees here's how much you'd spend with other gateways - remember Shopify will charge up to an additional 2% on payments through third party providers.

Paypal - 3.4% + 20p
Worldpay - 2.75% + 20p
Sagepay - $19.95/month for up to 350 transactions, $45/month for 500 and bespoke pricing for anything higher.
Amazon Pay - 2.7% + 20p.

How does Shopify's payment pricing compare to other platforms?
Shopify is incredibly cost effective. Let's compare if you were to sell products on other platforms.

Amazon Store - 7 - 45% item dependent
eBay - 10% of entire cost including shipping
Etsy - 5%.

Costs of Shopify Apps
Shopify is an ecosystem of merchants, designers, developers and entrepreneurs - although the platform has a lot of built-in functionality there is a huge library of apps to extend the functionality. Visit the Shopify app store and you'll find a large number of free and paid apps. Some apps do attract a monthly cost and often they are at a tiered level based on usage. We do recommend exercising caution when using apps - get in touch if you need any help.

Buying A Pre-Built Theme
As well as the options of subscribing to one of the five plans of Shopify - you can buy pre-built themes for your store from the themes marketplace on Shopify here. All you need to do is add content and products. You will be limited by design and they can lack a branded feel. We build themes from scratch to have full control over the look, feel and functionality.

Buying Another Shopify Store
Shopify's Exchange Marketplace allows you to buy a Shopify store that is already trading. These are vetted by the Shopify team prior to listing and their pricing ranges from a couple of hundred up to millions - all depending on it's revenue and customer base.

Look for Shopify Partner and Web Design Agency?

We are are Shopify agency who work with the most ambitious brands to design, develop and optimize ecommerce stores. We build stores with strategies crafted to perform. If you are looking for a web design agency to design, develop and optimize your store. Get in touch!


How much does Shopify cost? FAQs

The world of ecommerce can be a confusing one! With a growing number of platforms, price ranges and features it can difficult to know which is best. We hope this article has helped you understand Shopify plans a little more and their pricing. Here are some frequently asked questions about how much Shopify costs.

Is Shopify free?

No. Shopify is not free but you can trial the ecommerce platform for a 14 day free trial where you can access the full platform and even set the store live to your customers. However you cannot make any sales until you've chosen one of the paid plans. Shopify's free trial period is a great opportunity to explore the features and functionality to see if you like it. We are sure you will! It's also important to remember Shopify host your website & keep your website secure so no additional security or hosting fees are needed!

How much does Shopify Cost?

A quick roundup - 5 plans ranging from $9 per month all the way to $2,000 per month depending on your requirements. Shopify does charge transaction fees however they are much lower than some of the direct competitors. A subscription to Shopify not only gives you a free secure powerful hosting platform but access to a ecommerce management system that is trusted by some of the worlds biggest ecommerce brands and merchants. You'll be in great company.

How long are Shopify contracts?

Shopify boast their flexible month-to-month rolling contracts - cancel at any time. You can receive a discount of up to 20% if you subscribe for 1 or 2 year commitments with an upfront payment.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your Shopify tier/plan at any time.

How many staff accounts can I create for my team on Shopify?

Shopify Basic allows up to 2 staff accounts, Shopify allows up to 5 and advanced allows up to 15. Shopify Plus allows an unlimited number of accounts to be made.

Are there any limits to customers, products, sales or site visitors?

Absolutely not. Shopify offer unlimited bandwidth, customers, products and sales on all their plans.

Is Shopify secure?

Level 1 PCI compliant (the highest level). Shopify is far more secure than Magento or Woocommerce as it hosted on their own servers. Shopify have an entire team dedicated to platform security. 82% of website hacks in 2017 were on Magento websites. You will not find this level of security on any other platform as a whole, right now.
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