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What are the benefits of Shopify Plus? Thinking of upgrading?

Managing complex businesses can be difficult, especially those that are growing and scaling rapidly, or have unique requirements. But what are the benefits of Shopify Plus? Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level ecommerce platform that helps merchants selling in high volumes to do so with a cutting-edge shopping experience to customers around the globe and helps them focus on serving their customers rather than having to worry about the maintenance of their ecommerce platform or huge IT infrastructure overheads. This article dives into the features and benefits of Shopify Plus in a bit more detail to help you decide whether it's right for your enterprise!
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What are the Shopify Plus’ features?

Enterprise-level businesses require enterprise-level features to stay competitive and stand out from the crowd. Merchants using the Shopify Plus platform can reap a variety of benefits for both their business and the customers they serve. Implementing features such as AR, video and 3D on product pages can really enhance the user's online experience to make it memorable while improving the conversion rate by about 30%. Merchants can get unlimited sandbox and development environments to test and build their store before making any live changes, and they can track selected metrics within the platform to see how these changes are affecting KPIs in real time. Whether you're looking to expand internationally or integrate new sales channels to your business, Shopify Plus has the features for you.

International Expansion 

Shopify Plus is a global solution and is set up to make selling internationally easy, allowing multiple expansion stores for different regions. Currently, there are 300 million+ global customers in 1 million online stores across 175 countries. Merchants can grow their customer base with a personalized geographical experience, with multiple languages set for different stores and automatic price consistency between 133 currencies. Merchants can benefit from built-in analytics and insights are available to help them make informed decisions about when and where to expand next. Tapping into international markets has never been so easy.

Manage Everything in One Place 
Shopify Plus removes the need for admin employees or costly workarounds for specialized tasks. Merchants can use the in-built Shopify organization admin tools to manage and make changes to multiple stores at one time on a wider organization level, rather than on an individual store level. This includes analytics overviews to view detailed sales and orders about your business as a whole or specific store’s performance. Store management to view and access all stores in your organization, as well as user management to add new or remove existing users to your organization in bulk, assign or remove access to organization-level features, control permissions and control store-level accesses and permissions.

Enhanced Access to Code
Merchants using Shopify Plus can benefit from having extra API calls and developer tools that can enhance features without breaking existing solutions. Advanced scripts can be used to make improvements to pages such as the checkout process with custom discounts, shipping rates, and product recommendations.

Advanced Apps 
Shopify Plus also offers merchants access to advanced apps which help their business grow and better satisfy customer needs. For example, merchants can benefit from using Shopify Flow by automating business processes in just a few clicks, removing the need to carry out mundane repetitive tasks. Since its launch in September 2017, it has automated over 400 million tasks, saving an estimated 3.2 million hours, freeing up financial resources, and allowing merchants to more productively focus their time in other parts of their business.

Omnichannel Integration
As commerce changes, Shopify Plus’s offering changes with it. Merchants are able to sell through 100+ social media channels, 80+ online marketplaces, mobile interfaces or blogs and this offering is constantly updated to meet modern trends. Merchants can benefit from  reaching more customers through sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Pinterest, and other third-party integrations such as Wish, Wanelo and more, managing them all in one convenient place within the Shopify Plus platform. What’s more, merchants can also wholesale directly to customers on a B2B level through an intuitive self-service online experience without any coding or development required. Any channel you want your business to integrate, Shopify Plus has it.

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Shopify Plus Benefits

Shopify Plus has a plethora of advantages over both legacy systems and the standalone Shopify service. which is why many successful enterprise brands such as Deliveroo, Red Bull and Huel have migrated their offerings onto the platform.       
Focus Your Time into Things That Matter
Shopify Plus is an easy-to-use platform for less easy-to-do tasks. No longer are specialized staff required for certain activities, and so resources can be focused more productively elsewhere in the business. What's more, since it is fully- hosted online on Shopify’s servers, merchants no longer have to worry about the maintenance of their online store and the financial burden of the usual investment in IT infrastructure.
Reliable and Secure
Shopify Plus servers are reliabe  with 99.98% average uptime and a high level of security with Level 1 PCI DSS and SOC2 certification. Merchants can benefit from unlimited bandwidth- handling 10,978 peak orders every minute, meaning that high-traffic events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be done with ease. Paired with apps like Launchpad, merchants can prepare and plan for product launches or flash sales with no need to worry about their website crashing and missing out on crucial revenue.
Cheaper and Better
Shopify Plus is more cost-efficient than running on legacy platforms such as Adobe Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Hybris. Shopify Plus customers spend up to 80% less on their online stores, and benefit from the much quicker setup time  at 90 days or less compared to 180 days with traditional systems. These legacy solutions are usually more difficult to implement, use and scale, and are not future-proof and so merchants will have to keep up with the technological changes and the changing expectations of modern customers. With the enhanced ability to code and API access, Shopify Plus is a fully customizable platform which can cater for even the most niche requirements and create a one of a kind online presence, especially if paired with Shopify Plus agencies who can help with advanced web design and development for online stores that want to stand out    .    
Easy Migration
Big retail stores or merchants with a large number of products can migrate all their data easily on Shopify Plus with the assistance of industry experts through the merchant success program. Dedicated account managers and launch solutions engineers ensure a seamless setup and transition into the platform, including all customer-facing, internal and third-party systems. From consulting on integration and customer user cases to new payment gateways, checkout customization and SSL certificates, these engineers will make sure all the technical components will work perfectly with Shopify Plus.
Shopify Plus Pricing
Shopify Plus costs $2000 per month for merchants who receive less than $800k in monthly revenue. The subscription plan uses a sliding model which is 0.25% of monthly revenue, so a merchant who receives $1M in monthly sales will be asked to pay $2500 that month. The subscription starts as a 1-year agreement and moves to month-to-month after the first year.

If you’re using a third-party payment gateway instead of Shopify Plus, there is an additional fee of 0.15%. Shopify Plus merchants do benefit from  preferred Shopify Payment rates over other subscription packages, domestic being 2.15% + $0.30 Amex + International: 3.15% + $0.30.
Is it Worth it?
In summary, Shopify Plus can be considered a very worthwhile investment for large businesses looking to offer an exceptional online presence and customer experience. Paired with the financial savings and increased revenue generation opportunities that come with using the platform over other legacy systems, the benefits pretty much pay for itself!  .
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