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Top 33 Pinterest Statistics: A Comprehensive Overview of Trends and Insights

   Ross Adamson | Marketing Exec - Charle Agency

Last Updated: December 22, 2023

Pinterest has emerged as a powerhouse social media platform, revolutionizing the way people discover, save, and share ideas. With its visually-driven content and a user base spanning various demographics, Pinterest has become a go-to platform for both individuals and businesses. Understanding the key statistics behind Pinterest can provide valuable insights into its user behavior, trends, and potential for businesses to leverage this platform effectively.

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User Demographics

1. Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and Global Presence

Pinterest boasts an impressive user base of over 450 million MAUs worldwide. While the platform has a strong foothold in the United States, its presence extends across Europe, Asia, and beyond. This widespread global presence positions Pinterest as a viable platform for businesses aiming to target diverse audiences across various regions and cultures.

2. Mobile Usage

An overwhelming 85% of Pinterest users access the platform through their mobile devices. This mobile-first approach emphasises the need for businesses to optimize their content for mobile viewing, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience for users on smartphones and tablets.

3. Gender Distribution

Historically, Pinterest has been dominated by women, comprising around 71% of the user base. However, recent trends indicate a gradual increase in male users, signifying a more balanced and inclusive user demographic. This evolving gender distribution opens up new opportunities for brands to diversify their marketing strategies and cater to a broader audience.

Content and Engagement

4. Volume of Pins

The platform hosts an extensive collection of user-generated content, with more than 240 billion pins saved across various categories and interests. This vast repository of content offers users an abundance of ideas, inspiration, and information, contributing to the platform's engagement and user retention.

5. Product Tagging and Click-Through Rates

Pins featuring product tags have witnessed a substantial 44% increase in click-through rates. This statistic underscores the pivotal role Pinterest plays in the consumer purchasing journey, serving as a discovery platform where users actively seek and engage with products they intend to purchase.

6. User Engagement Duration

Pinterest users exhibit high engagement levels, spending an average of 14.2 minutes per session on the platform. This extended engagement duration surpasses many other social media platforms, emphasizing the immersive and captivating nature of Pinterest's visual content.

Business and Marketing

7. Advertiser Presence

Over two million advertisers actively leverage Pinterest to promote their products and services. This extensive advertiser base signifies the platform's attractiveness to businesses seeking to connect with their target audience through visually compelling and targeted ads.

8. Brand Content Reception

An overwhelming 78% of Pinterest users find content from brands helpful. This high receptivity indicates that users on Pinterest are more open to brand engagement, making it an ideal platform for businesses to establish meaningful connections and drive brand affinity.

9. Conversion and Referral Traffic

Pinterest generates significant referral traffic, with a staggering 88% of users reporting that they have purchased a product after seeing it on the platform. This high conversion rate highlights Pinterest's influence on users' purchasing decisions and its potential as a lucrative sales channel for businesses.

Search and Discovery

10. Unbranded Searches

A remarkable 97% of searches conducted on Pinterest are unbranded. This statistic reflects users' inclination towards exploration and discovery, as they actively seek new and diverse ideas rather than searching for specific brands, fostering a fertile ground for businesses to showcase their offerings.

11. Visual Search Tools

Pinterest’s innovative visual search tools, such as Lens, facilitate over 600 million visual searches monthly. These tools empower users to explore products, recipes, and ideas by simply using images, enhancing the platform's usability and search capabilities. .

Influence and Decision-Making

12. Purchase Influence

A striking 83% of weekly Pinterest users report making a purchase based on content they encountered from brands on the platform. This statistic underlines the significant influence Pinterest wields in driving consumer purchasing decisions, showcasing its effectiveness as a sales-driving platform for businesses.

13. Income Demographics

Approximately 40% of Pinterest users boast a household income exceeding $100,000. This higher-income demographic presents an attractive opportunity for businesses offering premium or high-end products/services to target a financially capable audience.

International Reach

14. Global Sign-ups

More than 50% of new Pinterest sign-ups originate from outside the United States. This statistic reflects the platform's growing international appeal and its success in penetrating diverse global markets, opening doors for businesses aiming to expand their reach beyond borders.

15. Multilingual Accessibility

Pinterest is available in over 30 languages, catering to a diverse global audience. This multilingual accessibility enhances user experience and ensures inclusivity, enabling individuals from different linguistic backgrounds to engage with the platform seamlessly.

Trends and Seasonal Behavior

16. Seasonal Search Trends

Pinterest experiences significant spikes in searches during key seasonal periods such as holidays, events, and special occasions. This behavior signifies users' reliance on Pinterest for seasonal inspiration and planning, making it a valuable resource for businesses to align their marketing strategies with timely trends.

17. Trend Forecaster

Pinterest often serves as a precursor to emerging trends before they gain traction on other platforms. Its role as a trend forecaster provides businesses with a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and tailor their offerings to align with upcoming trends and consumer preferences.

E-commerce and Shopping

18. Shopping Features Engagement

Pinterest’s shopping features, including shoppable pins, have contributed to a substantial 44% increase in users engaging with shopping-related content. This trend solidifies Pinterest's position as an influential platform in the e-commerce landscape, driving user interest and purchase intent.

19. Product Discovery

A remarkable 83% of weekly users have made purchases based on content they discovered on Pinterest. This statistic underscores the platform's role not just as a social network but as a powerful product discovery and sales-driving platform for businesses.

Education and DIY

20. Educational Hub

Pinterest serves as a hub for educational content, DIY projects, recipes, and lifestyle inspiration. Users actively seek and share content related to self-improvement, home improvement, crafts, and education, positioning Pinterest as a valuable resource for learning and skill enhancement.

21. Growth in Educational Content

Searches for "life hacks," educational content, and tutorials have exhibited consistent growth on Pinterest. This trend signifies users' interest in acquiring new skills, seeking knowledge, and finding innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

Visual Content Dominance

22. Image and Video Engagement

Visual content, including images and videos, reign supreme on Pinterest, garnering higher engagement rates compared to text-based posts. Businesses can leverage visually appealing content to captivate users' attention and drive interaction and sharing.

23. Faceless Pins

Interestingly, pins without human faces receive 23% more saves. This statistic suggests that content featuring products, scenes, or ideas without human presence tends to resonate more with Pinterest users, influencing their saving and sharing behavior.

Pin Creation and Engagement

24. Daily Pin Creation

Pinterest witnesses an impressive rate of over 175 million pins created daily. This steady influx of user-generated content contributes to the platform's vibrant and constantly evolving ecosystem, offering users a vast array of fresh ideas and inspirations.

25. Engagement with Rich Pins

Rich pins, which include additional information beyond the standard pin, experience 5% higher engagement compared to regular pins. Features like product information, recipes, and article details incorporated into rich pins enhance user interaction and add value to the content.

Influencer Partnerships

26. Influencer Marketing Impact

Collaborating with influencers on Pinterest yields significant results, with 78% of users stating that content from influencers is influential in their purchasing decisions. Influencers play a crucial role in shaping consumer preferences and driving engagement with branded content.

27. Longevity of Pins

The lifespan of a pin is considerably longer compared to posts on other social platforms, with the average pin retaining relevance and engagement for several months. This extended lifespan allows for increased visibility and organic reach over time.

Content Diversity and Niches

28. Diverse Content Categories

Pinterest caters to an extensive range of interests, with over 8 billion boards covering diverse categories such as fashion, home decor, travel, beauty, and more. This breadth of content enables businesses to target niche audiences with tailored and relevant content.

29. Niche Audience Engagement

Niche-focused boards witness heightened engagement, with niche content generating 3 times more engagement per user compared to non-niche content. This statistic underscores the significance of catering to specialized interests to foster deeper user engagement.

Social Sharing and Inspiration

30. Social Sharing

Pinterest facilitates social sharing beyond the platform, with 93% of users using Pinterest to plan purchases and ideas, and 87% indicating they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest. This behavior extends the platform's influence beyond its borders, influencing decision-making across various online channels.

31. Inspirational Content Influence

A compelling 98% of users report trying new things they discovered on Pinterest. This statistic highlights the platform's role as a catalyst for inspiration, encouraging users to explore new recipes, DIY projects, travel destinations, and more.

User Intent and Action

32. Actionable Intent

A striking 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline, demonstrating the platform's impact on driving both online and offline purchase decisions. This actionable intent showcases the platform's influence on guiding consumer behavior beyond the digital realm.

33. Planning and Decision-making

Pinterest users engage in planning for various life events, with 91% using the platform for inspiration during key life moments like weddings, home renovations, and celebrations. This behavior positions Pinterest as an integral part of users' decision-making processes for significant life events.

Pinterest Statistics: Conclusion

Understanding these statistics can provide businesses and marketers with actionable insights to craft effective Pinterest strategies. Leveraging the platform’s visual nature, engagement potential, and influence on purchasing decisions can significantly impact brand visibility and sales.

As Pinterest continues to evolve and expand its offerings, staying abreast of these statistics will be pivotal for individuals and businesses aiming to capitalize on this dynamic social media platform. By keeping an eye on these trends and leveraging Pinterest's unique features, marketers and businesses can tap into a highly engaged user base, drive traffic, and ultimately, boost conversions and sales.

This comprehensive overview sheds light on the dynamic landscape of Pinterest, demonstrating its significance as a powerful social media and marketing tool in today's digital age.

Pinterest Statistics: Summary

Pinterest, a company based in San Francisco, has witnessed tremendous growth and popularity since its development. As of January 2023, its user base has expanded significantly, with a staggering 82% of users primarily accessing the platform through the mobile app. This growth rate indicates a rising trend in user numbers and engagement. In the UK, we love the platform and its success sometimes even makes it on the news.

The platform's success stems from its unique place among social networks. Unlike Instagram or YouTube, Pinterest focuses on users discovering and saving content rather than sharing personal moments or videos. This distinction has led to its appeal among a vast number of people, especially Gen Z and millennials, who make up the majority of its user base.

Research and usage statistics highlight that Pinterest serves as more than just a social network; it's a search engine of choice for many users. Its search results are curated based on keywords and topics, making it an ideal place for industries such as food, fashion, and lifestyle to showcase their products and services. In fact, 45% of Pinterest users are reported to be shoppers who use the platform for product discovery and inspiration.

The company's revenue, largely generated through advertising, has been on the rise, reaching an impressive $2.8 billion. Brands leverage Pinterest ads to tap into the platform's user awareness and the fact that 80% of its user base resides outside the U.S. This global presence spans across countries like Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Colombia, Canada, and beyond, making it a diverse landscape for advertising to a wide-ranging population.

Pinterest's user growth isn't limited to specific countries; it's a global phenomenon. In countries like Brazil and Mexico, the platform has seen a substantial increase in visits and accounts. Interestingly, in France and Germany, Pinterest has gained traction among a larger percentage of the adult population compared to other social networks like LinkedIn or Reddit. An intriguing point about Pinterest's users is that 76.2% of them are female, showcasing a demographic breakdown that influences the platform's content and feeds. Despite this, the platform appeals to a broad spectrum of interests and demographics.

The platform's success can be attributed to the fact that it taps into the visual nature of information consumption on the internet. People are drawn to the appealing visuals and curated content that Pinterest offers, creating a unique user experience that keeps them engaged. The amount of tips users get from pins is one of the facts to keep in mind when considering the netowrk effect of the platform. Users share much of what they see, and also include other apps in the process too.

From a global perspective, Pinterest's appeal spans across country borders, owing to its user-friendly interface and visually appealing platform. The reasons behind its success are evident in the figures and stats: a substantial total of social media users engage with the site, driving web traffic and fostering a sense of community. The platform's logo is a front-runner in recognition, resonating well across different generations. Despite fluctuations in revenues, the platform remains a go-to for businesses aiming to connect with a diverse customer base. With an eye on gender demographics and user behaviors, Pinterest continues to refine its offerings, ensuring that both its employees and customers alike find value in the platform's ever-evolving landscape of curated content and creative ideas.

Pinterest's robust analytics and data-driven approach have allowed it to tailor its advertising reach to specific demographics and interests. The CEO, Bill Ready, emphasized the platform's ability to connect companies with their advertising audience effectively. By July 2021, Pinterest's ad audience had surged, with a staggering 38% increase in advertising reach. This increase in performance is attributed to the inclusion of more diverse categories and an understanding of the advertising audience bracket. The platform's advertising audience is split almost in half between genders, a fact that resonates with the net income of $877 million. The platform's user statistics also highlight its appeal to a wide age group, primarily adults, making it an ideal way for companies to reach consumers across various brackets, especially those with a household income of over $100k. The advertising audience's most sought-after category is health, reflecting the consumers' growing interest in wellness-related content. As Pinterest continues to evolve its advertising reach and demographics, its advertising performance remains a standout among social media sites, giving competitors like Google and WhatsApp a run for their money.

Pinterest's growth, both in terms of user numbers and revenue, underscores its position as a significant player in the social media landscape. Its unique approach to content discovery and curation continues to attract a lot of attention, making it a go-to choice for individuals looking for inspiration, ideas, and products across various areas of interest.

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