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Boundless are an activated nuts and seeds brand stocked in retailers such as Sainsburys, Holland & Barrett and John Lewis. Following incredible offline growth, Boundless wanted to revolutionize its direct-to-consumer strategy with a bespoke Shopify theme. The main goals of the brief were to deliver the same level of excitement that their brand identity brings whilst offering a streamlined ecommerce user journey with reduced clicks to checkout. In addition, Boundless wanted to begin offering the ability for customers to subscribe to their products. Last but not least, an easy-to-use and advanced content management solution with Shopify was vital so the team could make changes with ease. We partnered with Boundless to design, build and launch an entirely new and revolutionized ecommerce strategy.
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Brand Focused Design, Crafted To Engage
Boundless's brand identity is incredibly vibrant and memorable, we wanted to ensure that a consistent and exciting experience was reflected throughout every element of their new Shopify store. We designed the store to embody the life and soul or Boundless from memorable banners, all the way to call-to-action buttons that are consistent with their packaging. Following a thorough discovery phase, we dived into producing designs for both desktop and mobile to ensure whatever device customers were visiting the Shopify store from was always consistent and considered.

The message delivery goal was vital Boundless project in order to deliver both a sales focus but also educating customers about the brand's unique "activation" process. We integrated bold and immersive web-based animations across the site to reflect the amazing process, this allows visitors to easily understand what it means for their products to be activated.
Subscription Payments & Personalized Product Suggestions with Shopify
Maximizing recurring revenue, offering an effortless buying experience, and improving customer loyalty was the huge goal of the project with the integration of subscriptions. We integrated ReCharge, the leading subscription payment provider for Shopify. Not only did we integrate the functionality but designed an entirely bespoke user interface to match the look and feel of the store. Customers can opt for recurring deliveries every 7, 14, or 30 days and even save 10% off when they do! Subscriptions are becoming more and more popular for consumers online and are a great addition to Boundless's DTC experience.

We've also integrated Shopify's native product recommedations to suggest products that a visitor is likely to be interested in. Shopify uses various data points to suggest products, you can learn more about his on Shopify's website here.
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