best food and drink brands on Shopify

Top 14 Food & Drink Stores on Shopify

Last updated 11 June 2024

Globally, digital commerce continues to grow at an astounding pace, and Shopify has emerged as the leading solution for sellers big and small. Especially, within the food and drinks sector, the variety of brands has been boosted by Shopify. Some of the best food and beverage brands included in this article are doing very well owing to the strategies they undertook and the products they have to offer on Shopify. From the foregoing observations, these brands provide genuine sense-making into what constitutes success in the e-commerce business for both the would-be entrepreneur as well as the curious customer.

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Top 14 Food & Drink Stores on Shopify

We've condensed the very best food and drink stores that use Shopify as their ecommerce platform to give readers top real world examples of how food & beverage brands utilize the technology. Without further ado, let's get to it!

death wish coffee

1. Death Wish Coffee

Integral with its unrelenting brand image, Death Wish Coffee is famously referred to as the world’s strongest coffee. Shopify is a platform that has been used to establish a strong internet market presence for this specific brand; deciding on the course of action meant to market the specific brand under question as well as its unique selling proposition. They sell products such as cups and bags of organic and fair trade coffee in different brands to consumers.

Key Strategies:
Brand Identity: Sharing its story about being featured in ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ on the official website, Death Wish Coffee has developed a powerful and unified brand image. Their concept which emphasizes on the sturdiness of their products is captured by the symbol of the skull and cross bones. Parents tapping into this imagery love their product, especially their target audience, who expect a strong shot of caffeine in the morning.

Content Marketing: One critical area where the brand is particularly successful with its audience is through the content marketing approach. Working with Dove Nest they created topics for their blog, which includes coffee recipes and lifestyle tips among others with the aim of increasing customer attention on their site. They also have prominent and frequently updated accounts on all the major social networks through which they share UGC and sneak peeks into product manufacturing.

Subscription Model: In addition to that, Death Wish Coffee provides customers with the opportunity to make regular orders as there is provision for a subscription plan. This not only serves the interest of customers but also means continuity of cash inflows for the business through revenue from repeat business.

2. Haus

Haus aims to change the existing aperitif market due to its ability to add innovations based on aperitif beverages. An emphasis on naturally sourced ingredients and subscription delivery has formed the foundation of what is now Haus Drink Company. It is simply designed, clean, and focuses on the values of quality and clarity of their operation.

Key Strategies:
Direct-to-Consumer Sales: The lack of intermediaries also means that the prices can be better and the possibility of the patrons experiencing the brand as the company envisions is within their control too. Such a strategy assists in direct customer interaction and strengthening customer appeal to products that belong to a particular brand.

Transparency: Conveying the company’s offerings and how they are made is among Haus core values as a company. This approach helps to maintain good relations with a customer who now cares more about what they eat or use.

Social Proof: The brand uses social proofing as one of its promotional strategies as seen by placing customer reviews and testimonials on the site. Customer testimonials generate credibility and trust, when people who bought and used products are happy with them, others are likely to buy it too.

3. Brooklyn Biltong

Brooklyn Biltong positions itself well with its air-dried beef with high level of protein which is a healthier snack option for a consumer. Originating from South African culture, a type of beef jerky known as biltong has over time been establishing its popularity especially among those who prefer lean.

In consideration of the South African tradition, their popular biltong which is a type of beef jerky has found its way to the heart of consumers who are Their cog store focuses on the Product / Nutritional Value page and the ‘About Us’ tab that is dedicated to quality assurances.

Key Strategies:
Educational Content: Leaf Springs: Brooklyn Biltong allocates its resources to developing content to educate its customers about biltong and its fattening benefits. Through their blog and video production, they present information about the health benefits of their products, as well as how to use biltong in meals.

Community Engagement: Truly, the effectiveness of the social network of the brand discussed is high; it supports UCG and aims to make buyers feel the company’s inclusion. These interactions assist in customer retention and act as a motivation for customers to speak to their peers about the competition.

Sampling Programs: The Brooklyn Biltong sample plan tantalizes new clients in order to entice and introduce them to the product. This is because people get to taste their snacks before purchasing them, making it easier for them to buy since they have tasted what they want.

4. Oatly

The company whose product is oat milk has Oatly, and the company has influenced the dairy-free market mostly due to its unique and environmentally friendly products. This is especially true because of their unique and necessarily friendly appearance, as well as because of their efforts to be environmentally friendly. BiBoard is perfect to display Oatly’s playful tone of voice and sustainable approach, as does the company’s Shopify store.

Key Strategies:
Sustainability: One of Oatly’s prominent discursive tactics is to stress their environmental responsibility in every aspect. They have recyclable packaging for their products and use environmentally friendly methods of farming to meet the demands of customers who prefer green products.

Unique Branding: Another aspect which is quite evident about the company is that it uses humor and creativity in its branding. Such trends like cleanliness, humor and gifting therefore manifest themselves through appealing graphics on packaging, and humorous statements on their products.

Influencer Partnerships: It also extends its page to involve other pages with more followers or celebrities in order to gain more customers. Thus, Oatly can achieve better targeting of its ideal customer audience and improve brand recognition by teaming up with relevant influences in the field of health and wellness.

5. Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon Magic Spoon has disrupted the breakfast industry with its low-carb high-protein cereals that address the needs of the modern customer. In its Shopify store, and similar to other breakfast cereals brands, they offer consumers products that depict the flavours of their childhood together with the health benefits of the cereals. The best testimonial to the success of Magic Spoon is the ability to manufacture a unique and value-added product and the impact of web-based marketing techniques.

Key Strategies:
Product Innovation: This shows that Magic Spoon has a point of difference from its competitors, through unique and creative products that set themselves apart in the shops. Thus, by providing customers with a healthier breakfast solution to conventional cereals, they successfully target a more specific but expanding public of consumers.

Subscription Model: There is an option of subscribing to the products of the brand to allow people to consume the product repeatedly. While buying cereals customers have an option to be supplied with regular supplies of their preferred cereals to make it more convenient to them and guarantee steady sales.

Targeted Marketing: Data Marketing is employed to target the right audiences at Magic Spoon, mainly those who are interested in cereals and milk. By analysing customer data, they are able to know which platform or group of people to should use to market their products to so that the customers will be willing to indulge.

6. Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic are leaders in the market in the market for products that are based on mushrooms, apart from various ordinary beverages. Shopify storefront informs consumers about medicinal mushrooms and offers them coffee and protein powders amongst other items. Because of this, people who understand the importance of wellness and lean towards gaining further education have been their regular customers.

Key Strategies:
Educational Marketing: The company’s Four Sigmatic offers customers rich information about the health potentials of the used components. They used their blog, videos, and product descriptions to help customers learn about the products, thus making the customers trust the company and the products being sold.

Product Diversity: It has a complete product line that ensures it caters for all customers who have varied needs. They provide coffee and hot cocoa and protein powders and skincare products and sweets and chocolates and carry always something for everyone.

Customer Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs are some of the methods that Four Sigmatic uses to ensure that their clients get a reason to buy from them again. These programs award points based on consumptions made or for services rendered, and such points could be exchanged for discounts, thereby inspiring customers to gain more than one cycle throughout the business.


Hippeas also sells organic chickpea snacks that are both tasty and healthy to consumers. They often engage in childlike humor in their logos and ensuring that they are environmentally conscious makes them popular with snack enthusiasts. Some recommendations based on the Hippeas online store: The Hippeas store on Shopify is colorful and easy to navigate, echoing the brand’s personality.

Key Strategies:
Brand Personality: Through.AddTransient relates to the fact, that in the field of snacks, Hippeas has come up with a playful and memorable brand. This signifies that the sachets bear bright colours and obvious direct messages making the products easily memorable.

Sustainability: Their brand has also incorporated such aspects which reflect to sustainability, such as using organic materials and eco-friendly packaging. This has a notion that is pleasing to the ears of the consumers who are conscious of their sustainability consumption habits.

Collaborations: Through partnerships with other brands and influencers, Hippeas connects with new consumers and pockets. All these collaborations are useful in reaching out to new clients and also improving on the image of the brands.

8. Ritual Zero Proof

This company has been in the calculation of non-alcoholic spirits, and its products are alternatives to whiskey, gin, and tequila, among others. Its differential positioning has been well received by the new, socially conscious drinkers who would wish to take their cocktails sober.

Key Strategies:
Product Differentiation: It stands out from other start-ups because it takes classic spirits and reformulates them to be alcohol-free, catering to increasing levels of abstemiousness.

Education: Most of their websites provide very rich information on how and when customers can use non-alcoholic products, which includes recipes and guidelines.

Community Building: Cultivating an appreciation for Ritual Zero Proof through social media presence and email marketing helps the company grow a fanbase for its products.

9. Partake Brewing

Partake Brewing has become a brewery company that deals in craft beer that has no alcohol content making it a suitable beer for beer lovers who do not take alcohol. And at least with their non-alcoholic beers, their Shopify store provides a selection of beers, focusing on taste and value.

Key Strategies:
Niche Market Focus: Although Partake Brewing beers are non-alcoholic, they follow the trends towards less alcoholic drinks and more beverages with low alcohol content.

Taste Emphasis: The brand continues to claim that these beers taste as the normal beers are even if brewed in a somewhat different process.

Sampling and Subscriptions: They sell sample packs and subscriptions which give clients a chance to try many varieties of the snack while making sure that they keep coming back for more of the same.

10. The Good Crisp Company

The Good Crisp Company potentially solves relevant social issues as it provides consumers with a healthier product compared to traditional potato chips, aiming at using no artificial substances and being gluten-free. This is because their products meet the needs of customers who are in the pursuit of buying recognisable snacks.

Key Strategies:
Health Focus: The brand concentrates on convenience where customers can get snacks made in small complicated and simple ingredients to suit the healthy conscious customers.

Kid-Friendly Branding: Bright sheath and playful positioning of the brand itself make The Good Crisp Company marketing definite to families with kids.

Retail and Online Presence: Apart from having an online store on the Shopify platform, customers can find TNT products in physical stores, which broadens the target market.

11. Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire offers bone broths and assortments of soups prepared from superior quality products. One of the key messages associated with its food products is that they are healthy and packed with nutrients.

Key Strategies:
Health Benefits: Filled with deals and promotions, the official Kettle & Fire website also highlights health-boosting aspects of the products they offer, like better digestion and joint health.

High-Quality Ingredients: This comprehensive change in the food brands means that they employ organic, grass-fed, and pasture-raised ingredients to attract customers who have shifted their focus to healthy foods.

Educational Content: On their website, they provide customers with blogs, recipes, and health guides to give value to consumers through promoting bone broth.

12. Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen is a Shopify store that sells meat marinades and seasonings, avocado oils, paleo bars and snacks, nut-free power snacks, paleo-friendly condiments, dressings and sauces. They sell products in this stores which are natural and of high quality with little or no addition of chemicals or preservatives.

Key Strategies:
Dietary Alignment: Primal Kitchen making their products fit for paleo/keto/sub-primally lifestyles ensures that a devoted clientele attends to their products.

Ingredient Transparency: In terms of branding, all information is spelled out in letters, all details of the ingredients and what the active components promise.

Partnerships and Collaborations: They often work with special guests, such as other influencers or brands, to target new markets.

13. Poppi

Poppi has prebiotic sodas created with apple cider vinegar which is very popular today as a nice and healthy replacement for regular soda. Their bright and invigorating logo and slogans related to health and fitness are appealing to the targeted group of young people and the healthy lifestyle.

Key Strategies:
Health Focus: To promote the sodas, Poppi is okay with the use of innovative claims like being good for gut health.

Vibrant Branding: The fruit chews have lovely packaging which is usually associated with youthful people.

Influencer Marketing: Poppi continues to use influencer marketing, which targets people in other platforms, hence reaching out to many, as a way of creating credibility.

14. SmartSweets

SmartSweets is products are candies that contain very little sugar to address the need of logically conscious consumer who want to be healthier with their sweeteners. On their Shopify store it has the message trying to reach their client base that their candies have less sugar content and that their candies still taste like they used to.

Key Strategies:
Health-Conscious Alternatives: These are respondents who have insisted on shifting from conventional candies that are loaded with sugar to SmartSweets whose candies have significantly less sugar.

Nostalgic Appeal: This brand is aimed to reflect the common candies but with the added benefit of not being harmful to the consumers.

Strong Visual Branding: For instance, a colorful and eye-catching packaging and active use of social media accounts to advertise a particular toothpaste would contribute to customer acquisition and engagement.

Top Food & Drink Stores on Shopify: Conclusion

The best food and drink brands on Shopify have shown that they can achieve success through having good branding and unique product offers that customers think could benefit their well-being. These brands are being marketed with the help of the tools and features that Shopify has to offer and as such these brands are well established and have loyal customers. Regardless of one’s status – a simple buyer searching for perfect items or an ambitious business person in search of inspiration, the brands mentioned above offer numerous insights on how to make it in the sales landscape of the modern era defined by e-commerce.
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