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The benefits of choosing a Shopify agency.

Last Updated: November 3, 2023

Running an ecommerce business can be challenging and complex, ensuring you have the right supportive partners around you is vital to ensure you make the best and most profitable decisions for your business. Running a business on Shopify does make things easier but you still have to juggle finding products, supply chain, logistics and fulfillment. Whilst Shopify is a great platform, making customisations and setting up advanced features can be challenging and having an expert Shopify agency on hand is vital to keep your business trading efficiently and pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the platform. This article explores some of the key benefits of choosing a Shopify agency to support your ecommerce business. Click here to learn why you should choose Shopify.

How to choose a Shopify agency?

So what are the benefits of a choosing a skilled and experienced Shopify agency?

A Shopify agency is a team of experts with different skills, who together can work with ecommerce businesses and clients to design and build new Shopify or Shopify Plus stores or work on existing stores to improve the on-site experience. Agencies exist to serve the needs of ecommerce clients. Whilst most Shopify agencies offer web design and development services you may find additional offerings for ecommerce brands such as email marketing services, SEO, consultancy, digital marketing, improvement of user experience, content services and more options too! Shopify agencies typically focus on helping ecommerce brands grow with their collective strategic and expert knowledge - everything you need for your business.

1. Shopify agencies offer a wide range of services

The first key benefit of a Shopify agency is how you can work with one single company and usually access a wide range of services that can benefit your business. If you don't work with an agency it can be difficult to know what new ways you can explore to keep improving and growing your business. Most Shopify agencies will advise you on which service is best for you and the stage of your business. For example, if you are a brand new business then you are likely to require a new Shopify store to be designed and built or if you an established business then you are likely to require growth-centric services including new store builds, conversion rate optimisation, or digital marketing.

2. Shopify agencies have a breadth of experience across many brands.

One of the biggest benefits that a Shopify agency brings is its experience and exposure to a large number of ecommerce brands at different phases of growth. You can tap into the knowledge and expertize that a Shopify agency has and invest those skills into your business which often new business owners might not have. Team members at a Shopify agency will often have many years of experience working with many different brands - some of these brands can be global leaders or highly successful allowing you to benefit from that retained and learned knowledge. Agency team members will have experience of what works and what doesn't allowing your business to adopt a path to success.

3. New perspective and ideas for business strategy.

We've all been there, right? When you've been immersed in a business for so long, it can be really difficult to have a fresh perspective or eyes on what's good, or bad or even have new ideas for future growth. Bringing in a Shopify agency can be a great way to bring some fresh eyes to your business and ecommerce store. Fresh eyes who are not immersed in your business might bring some new ideas that you haven't thought of, also the team are likely to have a wealth of experience beyond your knowledge to help shape new ideas for your business strategy. You might just been missing some amazing new ideas and features for your Shopify strategy which a Shopify agency can help you identify.

4. Technical capability & extensive platform knowledge.

Shopify agencies live, sweat and breathe Shopify every day, meaning the specific knowledge of the platform itself is extensive. Shopify agencies have a wealth of knowledge of the inner workings of the platforms and the features they hold. Typically, Shopify agencies will have specialized development teams who only develop on the Shopify platform. This is highly valuable as it ensures that the technical decisions being made are best practices and in line with the way the Shopify platform works. Given that Shopify agency's development teams are highly specialized they will likely leverage features within Shopify that exist and ensure the website is as efficient as possible with the Shopify tech stack or Shopify approved integrations.

5. Collective knowledge and collaborative team

Another top benefit of hiring a Shopify agency is that a team of experts not only bring together, often, many years of expertise and knowledge but also knowledge from the whole team. For example, if your business poses a unique challenge then you can likely tap into an entire team of knowledge who may have had previous experience, or similar can use their shared knowledge to make a rational and knowledge-driven decision for your business. Choosing a non-specific agency may not have the niche experience with Shopify as a platform and not help you make the best decision. A Shopify team are highly specialized meaning that their knowledge can be combined to help you navigate the challenges that an ecommerce business may bring.

6. Shopify agencies tackle unique and complex solutions

Ecommerce businesses are often very unique and bring unique challenges to overcome. For example, they need to offer customers unique online experiences beyond the native functionality of Shopify as a platform or require features that are less common online. A key benefit of choosing a specialist Shopify agency is that they are typically used to working through complex requirements and creating unique and highly technical solutions for merchants online. Whilst Shopify is a very powerful platform, sometimes there will be new features that need to be built by Shopify developers to extend its functionality.

7. Shopify agencies have a network of expert connections

Shopify is very powerful, not only because of how great the platform is but also because of the amazing community of app developers and experts. Sometimes there may be features, skills or questions that you need support with beyond your Shopify Agency. Leading Shopify agencies such as Charle, will have large and well-connected networks, so in the instance a situation requires additional support. This might be from additional skills or services, or this might be getting you senior support amongst the Shopify community and apps or themes to help you get help quickly at the right time.

8. Shopify agencies help you save time.

Last but not least, managing Shopify strategies can be highly time-consuming to research new topics or features. In addition, it can take a lot of trial and error to find the best solution. By choosing a Shopify agency, you'll benefit from a team who have explored the most common requirements for brands to save you the time of exploring new topics that an experienced team is likely to already have. They may be able to help you grow with more traffic, review of analytics, protential process improvements, integration updates, maximise results - just some of the advantages and reasons you should choose a Shopify agency.

Summary of the benefits of a Shopify agency.

So that it's! You've just read our top benefits of choosing a Shopify agency to support your store. If you are looking for a new custom theme build or whether you are looking for a Shopify agency to support your existing store with new features, updates and improve the shopping experience with a a Shopify retainer to access our entire team of Shopify experts then contact Us today

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