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How to Add Schema and Product Structured Data to Shopify for SEO

Last updated: June 21, 2024.

Including schema and product structured data to your Shopify store helps increase your SEO because people are better guided in identifying products they may even be interested in through search as they provide more noticeable and eye-catching search results. Through schema markup, search engines get better insights into what your site contains and this may lead to better search result listings such as rich snippets. Here, you will be provided with comprehensive information on how to add Schema and product structured data to your store in Shopify.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is otherwise termed as structured data and about which you can input into your site’s HTML. roadmap helps the search engine like Google in interpreting the content present at your pages in a better way. Especially for e-commerce these kinds of structured data can be really useful as they help search engines to display extended information in the SERP about the selected products including the price, availability and reader’s reviews.

Why Use Schema Markup for Shopify?

• Enhanced Search Appearance: Rich snippets, which include images, ratings, and prices, can make your listings more attractive.
• Increased Click-Through Rates (CTR): Eye-catching search results can lead to higher CTRs.
• Better SEO Performance: Improved understanding by search engines can lead to higher rankings.

Adding Schema Markup to Shopify

Step 1: Understand the Types of Schema Markup
• For an e-commerce site like Shopify, the most relevant types of schema markup include:
• Product: Details about individual products (e.g., price, availability, reviews).
• AggregateRating: Overall rating for the product.
• Offer: Information about a product offer, including price and availability.
• Review: Customer reviews of the product.

Step 2: Access Your Shopify Theme
Log in to Shopify Admin:
• Go to your Shopify admin dashboard.
• Navigate to Themes:
• From the admin dashboard, go to Online Store -> Themes.

• Edit Code:
• Click on Actions for the current theme and select Edit Code.

Step 3: Add JSON-LD Schema Markup
JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) is the recommended format by Google for structured data. You can add JSON-LD to your Shopify theme by editing the template files.
Open the Template File:
• For product pages, open the product.liquid file, typically found in the Templates or Sections folder.
• Insert JSON-LD Script:
• Add the following JSON-LD script within the < head > section of the HTML.
After adding the JSON-LD script, remember to save the changes.

Step 4: Test Your Schema Markup
Use Google’s Rich Results Test:
• Go to Google’s Rich Results Test and enter the URL of a product page from your Shopify store.
• Validate Schema:
• Ensure that the structured data is detected correctly and there are no errors.

Step 5: Automate Schema Markup with Apps (Optional)
If manually adding schema markup seems daunting, you can use Shopify apps that automate the process. Here are a few popular ones:
• JSON-LD for SEO: Automates the addition of JSON-LD structured data for various content types.
• Smart SEO: Adds structured data and also helps with other SEO aspects like meta tags and image alt text.
• SEO Manager: A comprehensive SEO tool that includes schema markup capabilities.

Best Practices for Schema Markup
Keep it Updated: Ensure your schema markup is always up-to-date with your product information.
Use Accurate Data: The information in your schema markup should match what is displayed on your product pages.
Test Regularly: Periodically test your pages with Google’s Rich Results Test to ensure the structured data is being read correctly.

How to Add Schema / Product Structured Data Conclusion

The use of schema and product structured data in your Shopify store is one way of strengthening your site’s optimization in order to get more customers. In summary, if you use the approaches outlined in this guide, you can get your product right in the search result and fill right through the schema markup. Regardless, the structure that comes from having such data is something which is highly valuable, and with the help of apps, it is easier than ever to attain it.
It also strengthen the customer’s trust in the online shopping sites, and in turn increase over time sales in the sites since more and time is taken in properly setting up schema markup for showing proper SEO results .

Schema Example

This example provides basic product schema:
Shopify Schema Example

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