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What is Shopify Plus?

Last updated: June 10, 2022

In 2014, Shopify launched the Shopify Plus program. But what is Shopify Plus? Shopify Plus is a fully hosted enterprise eCommerce platform for merchants and brands with strong growth. Shopify's Plus offering now includes a sophisticated set of features, and the company has gained considerable market share from competitors.

Shopify Plus is created specifically for high-volume, enterprise-level businesses, which is why it is trusted by brands such as Gymshark, Kylie Cosmetics, Polaroid, Huel, and Steve Madden among others. This article dives into what is Shopify Plus and the features of the platform.
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Shopify and Shopify Plus Plans

To better understand what is Shopify Plus, it's good to know the available plans that Shopify has available for merchants. For all of their stores, Shopify offers four different options: Basic, Shopify, Advanced and Plus. Shopify provides a route for you to follow as your business grows, and the various pricing plans will give you access to more features, lower your transaction rate, and provide you with additional tools to help you build your business. When it comes to Shopify vs Shopify Plus, Shopify Plus comes with all the features that the above Shopify plans have, but with better automation capabilities, more control and advanced customization improved omnichannel functions, and the ability to expand internationally, as well as faster speeds handling higher volumes of traffic.

Shopify Plus – Giving Merchants the Leverage to Scale

First up in our guide of what is Shopify Plus is the facility for merchants to grow. The complexity of everything increases as your business grows: more clients, more returns, more inventory, and more things to remember to perform every day! Shopify Plus gives you access to Shopify's exclusive features, such as Shopify Flow and Launchpad.

Shopify Flow

Shopify Plus merchants have access to Flow, which lets you personalize and automate previously manual inventory and order operations. Merchants using Shopify Flow can automate repetitive tasks, create custom logic triggers when given criteria has been met, and they can build connectors to integrate tools.

Shopify Launchpad

On a weekly or monthly basis, several large Plus retailers hold product launches and flash promotions. Manually preparing for each of these one-time events is time-consuming and stressful, which is why Shopify launched Launchpad, an automated command center for your key ecommerce sales events. Merchants may use Launchpad to plan product introductions, pricing, inventory levels, and even theme customizations well in advance of a sale event.

Shopify Plus API Limits & Access

Next up in our guide of what is Shopify Plus is API Limits. A significant benefit of Shopify Plus is access to all of the scripts available to your store. Furthermore, you will have access to beta scripts months before non-Shopify Plus stores. Shopify Plus stores have access to many more API calls, and you can even have the usual API call rate doubled if you contact your dedicated Plus manager.

Shopify Plus Scripts

Shopify scripts are essential for getting the most out of your Shopify Plus store. Shopify scripts allow you to run your code on Shopify's servers, allowing you to provide a variety of functionality that you wouldn't be able to provide with a standard Shopify store.

Consider introducing a pop over when someone adds a product to their cart providing a free giveaway or a discount on a related product. If you wish to offer volume discounts, you can now alter the pricing on the product detail page in real time as a consumer raises their order quantity.

Advanced multichannel capabilities

Shopify Plus is about more than just making a good ecommerce site. It also prepares you for native social selling in key locations such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. And it's all linked, both in the backend and in the front end. However, Shopify Plus features extend beyond this, into the early stages of omnichannel. The Shopify POS system has been used by a large number of users to engage with consumers and make sales in-person via pop-up stores.

Multicurrency selling

Additional Shopify Stores are required to develop stores that display prices in different currencies and keep that currency throughout the checkout process. When you upgrade to Shopify Plus, you get nine extra clone stores with which you can sell in other currencies. This is a big reason to upgrade to Shopify Plus if you're planning to sell internationally.

All of this can be done from one location within Shopify Plus. Rather than managing and making changes to individual stores, merchants may utilize the Shopify organization admin tools to manage and make changes to numerous stores at once. Built-in data and insights are available to assist merchants in making informed decisions about when and where to expand next. It's never been easier to tap into overseas marketplaces.

Selling to Wholesalers

It makes sense that enterprise clients will want to interact with wholesalers. Shopify Plus customers have long been unable to implement wholesale pricing on their stores, but they have lately received wholesale channel functionality. Some of our clients have previously been directed to WooCommerce to implement tiered pricing for their consumers, but this new option will cause many to reconsider Shopify Plus.

How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost?

The answer to the question what is Shopify Plus' pricing? Will depend on the amount of turnover your business generates. The Shopify Plus plan costs $2000 per month for merchants who generate less than $800k in monthly revenue. However, this subscription plan uses a sliding model which equates to 0.25% of monthly revenue, so a merchant who receives $1M in monthly sales will need to pay $2500 that month. The subscription starts as a 1-year agreement and moves to month-to-month after the first year of using the platform.
If you’re using a third-party payment gateway instead of Shopify Plus, there is an additional fee of 0.15%. It’s worth noting though Shopify Plus merchants benefit from preferred Shopify Payment rates over the other subscription packages, domestic being 2.15% + $0.30 Amex + International: 3.15% + $0.30. Making it a worthwhile investment for high volume sellers.

Server Costs-savings

When it comes to servers and maintenance, Shopify Plus is a completely hosted solution that will cost you far less than Magento Enterprise. Magento requires a license ($18,000/year), programming support for features, and your own server, which costs upwards of $500/month for a hardened dedicated server. Additionally, you'll need server admins on staff to manage, update, and monitor the server to guarantee it's set up and working properly. Shopify Plus takes care of the server and maintenance, allowing you to focus on improving your store's user experience and increasing sales.

Shopify Plus Uptime

Shopify Plus has a distinct advantage over the three conventional Shopify services, with 99.99 percent uptime. Shopify keeps a running log of all known issues that you can view in real time.

Shopify Plus will take care of scaling and will be able to handle a significant increase in traffic to your site. If you manage your own servers and see a sudden surge in traffic, would your server be able to handle it? What happens if your server goes down on Black Friday, causing you to lose out on a whole day of sales? You won't have to worry about scalability difficulties with Shopify Plus; it'll be taken care of for you.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

With Shopify Plus, you can expand your business without worrying about who can access your site. Create separate staff accounts so they may login, make updates, and manage your inventory, product pricing changes, and so on. Shopify Plus will keep track of all their changes.

Shopify Plus Merchant Success Program

Shopify offers a big Plus Merchant Success Team that is accessible to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your business will be registered in the Merchant Success Program as a Shopify Plus merchant. Shopify Plus merchants will also have access to a Shopify Launch Engineer who will help them with their technological needs and advise them on how to migrate from another ecommerce platform. For everything else, from Shopify Plus design, development and optimization of your store, Shopify Plus Agencies are available to take your store to the next level.

Checkout Page Customisation & Full SSL

Last but not least in our guide of what is Shopify Plus is checkout page customization and full SSL. By modifying the checkout.scs.liquid file in Shopify Plus, you may customize the checkout page experience. You can alter the currency, wording, layout, button states (normal, primary, and inset), and create custom error messages by editing this file. Another important feature of Shopify Plus is that your checkout page URL will not be changed to Throughout the purchasing process, your consumers will be directed to your main URL, giving a full standalone branded experience.

Summary: What is Shopify Plus?

So, we hope this article has cleared up your understanding of what is Shopify Plus. Of all the plans available on the Shopify platform, Shopify Plus is the best available for medium-sized and large ecommerce sites. Shopify Plus helps enterprise businesses really push the boundaries of ecommerce and deliver an experience like no other. It allows businesses to better scale and operate more efficiently, with access to advanced apps and features.

Shopify Plus Powers The Biggest Brands
Shopify powers over a millions merchants in 175 countries and Shopify Plus powers over 5,000 global brands. Shopify vs Shopify Plus - whichever you choose you'll be amongst the best businesses in the world.
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