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The Best Loyalty & Rewards Program App For Shopify

Lower barriers to entry have caused phenomenal growth within the ecommerce industry and today, merchants face more competition, and increasing acquisition costs. As a result, it’s become more crucial than ever to realize the value of your existing customer base by building longer-term, loyal customer relationships. LoyaltyLion helps merchants build these relationships by creating and managing their own, fully-customized loyalty programs. Using LoyaltyLion’s in-built analytics, merchants can unlock and understand real insights about their customers. We’ve teamed up with LoyaltyLion to demonstrate how increasing your focus on retention can boost your customer lifetime value and drive revenue as a direct result. In this article, you can find some of the amazing features and benefits that LoyaltyLion has to offer! Loyalty & Rewards Schemes and programmes are a great way to boost sales and customer lifetime value!
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Rewards & Loyalty App For Shopify - LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and rewards platform that powers ecommerce growth. With LoyaltyLion, merchants can create a fully-customized loyalty program that unlocks real insights to build a better understanding of what will drive longer-lasting customer relationships. Merchants can then use those insights to connect and accelerate their existing marketing efforts.

Merchants have access to all the features they need to design and A/B test a loyalty program that will set their store apart, delivering exclusive experiences for their customers and incremental value for their brand. Proven to increase retention and spend, LoyaltyLion is trusted by thousands of fast-growth ecommerce merchants worldwide.

Increasing customer lifetime value with rewards & loyalty app - LoyaltyLion
With LoyaltyLion, merchants can design and manage an on-brand loyalty program that can be fully embedded at every stage of the customer journey. Merchants can award points for positive customer behaviors such as purchases, account creation, social media likes, shares, or acts of advocacy such as referrals or reviews to give customers a reason to return to the store. By creating unique combinations of tiers and rewards, merchants can also encourage customers to repeat purchase, and increase spend further.

LoyaltyLion also helps merchants use loyalty data to prioritize their marketing efforts. Store owners can segment their customers according to whether they are loyal, at-risk, and churned customers, and then use information such as their repeat purchase rates, spend, and AOV to deliver more targeted marketing. With LoyaltyLion’s Campaigns feature, merchants can also A/B test different loyalty campaigns to improve the performance of their program and find real insights about customers’ individual buying behavior. As a result, merchants can deliver targeted communications and drive additional revenue by increasing customers’ purchase frequency and spend.
Integration & Set Up
As a Certified Shopify Plus technology partner, LoyaltyLion is one of the easiest apps to integrate with Shopify and Shopify Plus. Through LoyaltyLion’s native integrations with merchants’ existing marketing tools and technologies, they enable customers to create a technology stack that rivals even the biggest retailers. From ESPs (Klaviyo, Hubspot), and review providers (, Okendo), to subscription services (ReCharge) and helpdesks(Zendesk, Gorgias), LoyaltyLion integrates with over 20 marketing technologies and counting.

To power their merchants’ growth, LoyaltyLion’s pricing plans are based on monthly order numbers. In other words, LoyaltyLion grows with your store, and you never end up paying for members that don't use your customer loyalty program.

Using Rewards & Loyalty Schemes to Maximize Sales
Today with LoyaltyLion, merchants can positively influence shopper behaviour, increase customer lifetime value, and generate the greatest possible ROI. To power your ecommerce growth with LoyaltyLion, get in touch today and we can help you integrate the platform with your new Shopify website! Are you ready to offer your customers a rewards scheme that keeps them coming back?

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Features Of Loyalty & Rewards Program App For Shopify - LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion was the first loyalty platform to provide in-platform data and analytics to help merchants unlock and understand real insights about their customers. They were the first loyalty provider on Shopify and the first technology partner to build a Connector for Shopify Flow. One of the most innovative loyalty providers in the industry, LoyaltyLion continues to introduce new features and updates every month. Backed by industry-leading entrepreneurs who bring decades of expertize in loyalty and ecommerce, the LoyaltyLion team lives and breathes loyalty.
Fully Customisable
Create a fully-customized integrated loyalty program to drive retention and set their store apart. Increase repeat purchase and spend by motivating customers with unique combinations of points, rewards, and tiers.
Reward Customers & Segment Most Engaged
Enhance engagement by rewarding customers for on-site and off-site activities such as account creation, social media engagement and writing a review. Segment loyal, at-risk and churned customers and focus marketing efforts and comms where they will have the biggest impact
Deliver A Seamless Checkout Experience
Deliver a seamless checkout experience with In-Cart Rewards, Instant Points and Points Slider to increase reward redemption and AOV. Allow your loyalty and rewards scheme to engage your customers with the very best user interface and ease-of-use.
Analytics & Optimization
LoyaltyLion as a leading rewards and loyalty app on Shopify allows you to work analytics at the heart - allowing you to keep on optimising the experience for your customers. Continually optimize the performance of your program with A/B testing and recommendations delivered directly to your dashboard
Meaningful Interactions
Provide meaningful interactions and keep customers engaged between purchases via intelligent loyalty emails, real-time notifications. This really ties in the overal high level experience that your customers receive when they visit your site. When we consider each ecommerce interaction with your business we can identify opportunities to keep your customers coming back.
Maximize Acquisition with exisiting marketing tools
Boost acquisition and customer advocacy by encouraging loyal customers to act as advocates across all channels. Increase the impact of your existing marketing tools and power your ecommerce growth by connecting ESPs, review platforms and more to your loyalty program. LoyaltyLion is a leading rewards and loyalty program app for Shopify you and your customers will love! .
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